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Zinovia Pateraki

Position:Hatha Yoga Teacher
Hometown: I lived and traveled around the world, but I now call home Chania city in Creta island. Why Yoga Teacher training: I found out in my life that the best way to learn the language of Yoga is to take the teacher training and share the knowledge. How is it helping me now: I teach Yoga in my Detox programs, through a program that I created specially for people who want to restart their health and life habits. I combine easy Haha Yoga classes, Detox nutrition, Meditation every day classes, Theta Healing sessions, to release old patterns and heal the past. Purpose to cure illnesses of the body, mind and soul. Find the true power that is inside us and continue to enjoy life in full power. I help for at a free, people that cannot afford to heal naturally and I organise Yoga, Detox and Meditation retreats in Crete with my beloved teacher and other certified helpers. Future goal: To share yoga and detox programs with as many people willing to explore it.